HTO Tungsten Swing Football Jig Head

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HTO Tungsten Swing Football Jig Head - Qty 1

HTO Tungsten Swing Football Jig Head is a jig head to put some serious movement into soft plastic lures, whilst the EWG hook enables the angler to fish weedless. Instead of the hook being firmly placed into the jig head, it attaches to it via a point, which effectively places the hook and soft plastic on a hinge for unrivalled movement. Eco-friendly, lead free range of jig heads that are made from 97% tungsten. Tungsten is 1.7 times heavier than lead, making a much heavier weight in a smaller unit. Tungsten is hard, transmitting more back to the angler about the ground they are fishing over. Each jig head is fitted with an ultra-sharp, strong hook.

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