HTO Nebula 1000 Spinning Reel

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HTO Nebula 1000 Spinning Reel

The HTO Nebula Reel 1000 is an ultralight reel designed specifically for the modern lure angler.

Constructed with a sealed, graphite body that keeps water out of the gearing and helps to reduce corrosion from saltwater considerably. To further keep weight down, the rotor is also made from graphite.

Internally, the gearing is cold-forged aluminium which offers a high level of durability with a micro module crown and pinion for increased smoothness and efficiency. A super-reinforced main shaft avoids any twists and vibration when playing large fish.

Completing the guts of the HTO Nebula Reel 1000 are 9 high quality stainless-steel ball bearings and 1 roller bearing.

The drag is powerful, built from a multi-layer disc system constructed of carbon and stainless-steel discs. The carbon offers increased grip and power to the drag.

A high strength spool made from customised aluminium is designed for both braid and mono. A machined, aluminium handle with ergonomic EVA power grip allows you to crank down on larger species with ease.

The HTO Nebula Reel 1000 is perfect for LRF and balances really well on ultralite lure rods. Despite the small size it still has the power to handle any larger fish you are lucky enough to hook up with.


  • Lightweight lure reel
  • Capacity 180mt 0.205mm
  • Ratio 5.2:1
  • Max drag 6kg
  • Multi-layer disc drag system
  • 5 high-quality stainless-steel bearings 
  • 1 continuous anti-reverse bearing
  • Sealed Graphite Body
  • Super-reinforced main shaft
  • Aluminum handle with an ergonomic EVA

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