HTO Fastach Tungsten Jika Sinker

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HTO Fastach Tungsten Jika Sinker

 An extensive range of weights designed for lure fishing that are made with 97% tungsten. Tungsten is an ideal material to make fishing weights out of when setups need to be scaled back and refined. Tungsten is 1.7 times heavier than lead, which means each tungsten weight is approximately 50% smaller than its lead equivalent, having smaller leads allows the angler to reduce the scale of their rigs, allowing them to conceal them better and reducing losses in snaggy areas. This harder material also won’t damage when bounced against rocks and transmits more feedback to the angler about the type of terrain they are fishing over when combined with braided lines. Tungsten is also eco-friendly; our weights don’t contain any lead which is better for the environment and fisheries.

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