HTO Tungsten Cheburashka Sinker

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 HTO Cheburashka Sinker (Cheb weight)

  • Tungsten Cheburashka Sinker - Created for bottom jigging with soft plastic lures. The central pin comes out of the weight allowing the angler to attach the hook required for the soft plastic they are using, when replaced in, the free loop is attached to a clip on the mainline.
  • Eco-friendly, lead free range of jig heads that are made from 97% tungsten. Tungsten is 1.7 times heavier than lead, making a much heavier weight in a smaller unit.
  • Tungsten is hard, transmitting more back to the angler about the ground they are fishing over.
  • Smaller size of tungsten allows anglers to reduce the scale of their rigs for better concealment and reducing losses in snaggy areas.

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