Headbanger Shad 11cm Floating

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Headbanger Shad 11cm Floating. 10g - Qty 1 

Welcome the much anticipated baby Headbanger, 11cm! This little lure is going to be a smash hit, I have no doubt!! 

Combining the erratic and evasive Headbanger movement with the fish-like characteristics of the fixed exchangeable paddle tail, the Headbanger Shad is a predator teaser with an action that no other lure can offer.

It works really well with a simple straight retrieve, but excels when used with pauses and small twitches. To create the perfectly balanced suspending or sinking lure, try adding different weights of the super innovative Svartzonker "The Button" hard lure weighting system! 

The lure has a wire-through-body construction and is equipped with rattle balls of different sizes for a fuller sound. The lure is lead-free and the weights inside are made of stainless steel. 

Easily change the tail with a Replacement Tail  by turning it counterclockwise to release it from its corkscrew anchor. The lure has two small plugs that hold the tail in place and prevents it from twisting out of position when being used.

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