Fox Rage UV Replicant Wobble - 7.5cm

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Fox Rage UV Replicant Wobble 7.5cm 3 Inches, 11g - Qty 2

The next generation of this iconic lure from Fox Rage, the new Replicant Wobble offers a range of upgrades to make it even more of a must have for your lure box.

The Wobble comes with an improved belly hook rotation system which sees the treble hook turn, helping to protect hook holds when playing fish. The same, brilliant swimming action still remains, with the large paddle tail creating loads of attraction and giving the lure a deep role on the retrieve. The body material itself has been upgraded to a material more resistant to falling apart following fish damage.


  • Proven, enticing swimming action
  • Ultra UV
  • Belly hook rotation system to help maintain hook holds
  • Super resistant body material
  • High-end hooks
  • New Super Natural colour options

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