Fox Rage Micro Grub Tail 4cm Mixed Colour Pack - Ultra UV

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Fox Rage Micro Grub Tail 4cm Ultra UV Mixed Colour Pack - Qty 8

The Micro Grub is the perfect lure for finesse fishing perch, trout, zander and pike among other predatory species in both fresh and saltwater. A series of small plastic lures with a large curl tail giving an amazing swimming action on even the slowest retrieve. Suitable for a range of light spinning, including LRF, (Light Rock Fishing) and drop shotting techniques, simply mount on your hook or jighead of choice and you’re away!

Two of each colour, including: UV Red Wake, Hot Olive, Chartreuse Ayu, & Wakasagi


  • Length - 4cm
  • Weight: 1.5g
  • Works Well At Low Speeds
  • Perfect For All Predators
  • Irresistible Highly Active Tail Action
  • Established fish-catching ability
  • New Ultra UV

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