Fox Rage Micro Grub Loaded 4cm - Ultra UV

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Fox Rage Micro Grub Loaded 4cm, 3g Size 4 Jig head Ultra UV - Qty 4 Rigged Lures

The Pro Grub is the perfect lure for finesse fishing perch, trout, zander and pike among other predatory species in both fresh and saltwater. Fox have done the hard work for you, perfectly rigging these superb little lures on #4, 3g ultra sharp Jig Heads. All you have to do is tie one on and go catch some fish!

Colours Included: Green Pumpkin, Sun Dance, Wakasagi and Motor Oil.


  • Perfectly Rigged Ready To Fish
  • Works Well At Low Speeds
  • Perfect For All Predators
  • Irresistible Highly Active Tail Action
  • Extremely Durable Body
  • Established fish-catching ability
  • New Ultra UV

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