Fox Rage Micro Fry Mixed UV Colours - 4cm

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Fox Rage Micro Fry Mixed UV Colours 4cm - Qty 8

Your favourite Fox Rage micro lures just went Ultra UV in a selection of Fox Rage's best selling UV reactive colours. The perfect little lure for those LRF and finesse anglers, great on a micro Jig or a dropshot rig. The large paddle tail and slim "wrist" imparts a great action in this little lure, working at the slowest speeds.

It is not often I swap out one of my favourite Keitech lures for anything else, but this is one lure I had to try when my buddy was out fishing me!  

  • Established fish catching patterns
  • Brilliant new UV reactive colours including; Lemon Tiger, Stickleback, Pink Candy & Perch

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