Flambeau 4 Rod Bunk Box

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Flambeau 4 Rod Bunk Box 

The Flambeau® Rod Bunk Box makes efficient use of vertical space to provide safe, secure storage for up to four 2-piece rods or 3 x 3 piece rods with reels attached, so you won't need to disassemble your combos to transport and store. The Bunk Box allows you to keep your spinning, baitcasting and fly fishing setups intact from garage to vehicle to fishing spot, and back again.

Solid construction including interior ribbing for maximum strength, sturdy polycarbonate latches, and 4 foam inserts that you can configure according to your needs. Reels suspend from the rod blanks, leaving loads of space for any accessories you'll be packing along. Designed to hold 2 rods up to 6'6"L rods in the outer channels, plus rods up to 6'L in the center alley. (although it can take up to about 6'9") The box also has 4 x rings where it can be locked/secured for safe transit. Includes the amazing Zerust® Plaque, which will drastically reduce the risk of rusting.

  • Stores up to 4 x 2-piece rods with reels attached
  • Great for the shed, vehicle or aeroplane
  • Solid construction with interior ribbing
  • Sturdy polycarbonate latches
  • 4 configurable foam inserts
  • 4 x lockable rings
  • Zerust® Plaque included

Rods not included. 

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