Fishin Addict Nano Split Tail - 4cm

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Fishin Addict Nano Split Tail 4cm, 1.6 inch. 0.25g - Qty 10

‘Super sensitive, they’ll wriggle and twitch with the slightest of movement….well worth getting a few packs in your lure kit’

Increase your catch rate with these realistic soft lures, perfect for the latest craze of drop shotting. Drop Shot fishing is both a simple and extremely effective method of fishing, particularly for perch. Floating body also works great on a Fishin Addict Ultra Light Jig Head.


  • Super strong, durable and stretchy TPR Soft Silicone
  • Rubber shad with split fork curly tail and mouse tail ball
  • Ribbed body for vibrating movement and extra water displacement
  • 3D eyes and micro glitters
  • Lifelike look and action – it wriggles, dances and twitches with the slightest movement

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