FFS lures Craw 21 - 6cm

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FFS lures Craw 21 60mm, 2.65g - Qty 5

FFS Lures was born from UK based Tom Muir's passion for finesse lure fishing, with the first lure he created, the Floating Finesse Stick, hence the name. All these lures are hand poured by Tom himself right here in England. As Tom says himself, 

"No expense is spared in the quality of raw materials and equipment. My previous role (In the British Army!) means that I am somewhat of a perfectionist so you can be sure that only the best will do." 

The Craw 21 is the perfectly sized creature bait for finesse, weedless presentations such as Texas and Carolina Cheburashka Rigging, on a standard jig head or drop shot, amongst other methods. These lures has have a large profile but maintain a flat body so weedless hook ups are a breeze. Supplied with the Claws and Tentacles attached to each other, so you can decide how much action you want.  For an inert lure leave them as is but for more action on the retrieve and drop separate them.


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