Eagle Claw Lazer TroKar Swim Blade Hook




Eagle Claw Lazer TroKar Swim Blade Hook 

The brand new weighted, bladed swimbait hook from TroKar is bound to be a huge hit. Add some flash to your favourite soft plastic for unblievable results at times when the usual tactics aren't producing. Designed for optimum presentation with a wide range of soft plastic lures. The wide gape and precision spring keeper ensure soft baits are easily accommodated between weight and point, in addition to being securely fixed in place.

TroKar's patented triple sided point uses technology originally developed for surgical suture needles. 

One of my "GO TO" rigs, when fished with a 3.8" Swing Impact on the 3/0 or 4.8" on the 5/0

  • Spinner blade mounted for added attraction
  • Surgically sharp
  • Extra wide gap
  • Precision spring lure keeper
  • Forged ring eye



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