Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Circle Hooks - L702

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Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Circle Hooks L702 - Qty 10

The Circle Sea Hook is designed for those looking for a tournament approved circle sea hook, the L702 offers a well balanced mid weight hook in a good range of sizes down to 14. Finished in black, the L702 is a straight eye non-offset circle design. perfect for all standard uses of a circle hook, but also great as a Drop Shot, Wacky, Neko, Texas or Carolina Rig Hook. The turned in point drastically reduces deep hooked fish such as perch and zander, whilst not compromising on hook up rates.

I personally feel very confident crushing the barb on any hook catches me more fish, but more so with this style hook as the turned point makes it very difficult for fish to shake the hook.  

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