Decoy Worm 108 Body-Guard HD Weedless Neko Wacky Hook

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Decoy Worm108 Body-Guard HD Weedless Neko Wacky Hook - Qty 5

The Decoy Worm108 Body Guard HD Neko, Wacky or Drop Shot hook is a fine gauge, but strong finesse hook with a multi fibre weedguard enabling the angler to get that lure into cover where big fish lurk. Its wide gap and the slightly curved eye make it ideal for fishing with the Wacky or Neko rig. The Weedguard consists of four relatively stiff plastic fibres that effectively shield the hook from snags.
Top Tip: For even more reliable protection, simply fan out the Weedguard fibres a little and bend back or forward for varying degrees of weedlessness. The Worm108 is equipped with a lure keeper in the binding of weedguard to prevent your favourite soft plastic from slipping. For this purpose, the otherwise round hook steel is forged angularly
in an approx 5 mm long area.


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