Decoy Slidin' Head Jig Heavy - SV-46H

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Decoy Slidin' Head Jig Heavy - SV-46H 

While most flexible jig heads have a more or less round shape, the Sliding Head from Decoy looks like a small shoe. As a result, it offers less water resistance shoots through the open water like a dart head. The Slidin' Head can also be used like a Cheburashka Jig, giving the hook and lure great articulation and movement. It can be combined with hooks such as the Decoy Big Bite Finesse for small lures and nose hooking or quickly and easily switch to a larger and more weedless Offset Hook of all sizes! Perfect for rigging floating soft plastics to achieve a stand up, Ned Style presentation with lures such as the Molix Swimming Dragonfly, Freaky or Stick Flex and the Missile Bomb Shot to name a couple. Perch, Pike, Zander & Chub love this type of presentation and the articulation gives the lure that little bit more of a natural movement. 

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