Decoy Plus Blade Willow Leaf Silver

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Decoy Plus Blade Willow Leaf Silver - Qty 2 

I have personally become a bit obsessed with adding a bit of flash to plastic lures and lures to blades and now have a large range of products in stock that allow you to do just that, such as the Decoy Trailer Blade and Decoy Zero Dan Flash Chatter Blade. I was pleased to discover this inline blade, a unique concept that's gaining serious popularity in Japan. The Decoy Plus Blades add a little extra flash to your presentation, not on the lure but any distance from it you choose. Super easy to use, the Decoy Plus Blades simply slide up your line and are held in place by two float stops to create the illusion of your lure chasing a small baitfish and adding extra attraction to your presentation, which triggers an aggressive reaction bite from predatory fish such as bass, perch, pike and zander. Available in multiple sizes, the Decoy Plus Blades will help you attract more fish and ultimately stimulate more bites from stubborn fish. If there are pike present, we recommend you slide the blade onto a trace as I have had pike hit the blade and they are likely to bite you off!! 

Sorry, I could not find anything in English, but the video below will demo how it works. Perhaps one of our Pro Staff wants to make a better video that we can all understand! :-) 


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