Decoy Decibo Flash Bomb SV-43 Black

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Decoy Decibo Flash Bomb SV-43 Black - Qty 1

The Flash Bomb Decibo SV-43 from Decoy is a flex head jig with a twist. A bundle of glittering flash fibers provides micro-vibrations and light reflections for added attraction in the water. The Decoy offset hook is free to move and change, being attached by a split ring. The Flash Bomb is fished in conjunction with a soft bait being attached to the hook for a perfect weedless presentation. The bullet head on the jig allows your lure glide through cover and snags with ease, fishing far more effectively than your standard jig and the articulation helps with snag free fishing and better gook up rates as the fish find it harder to use the leverage of the weight to shake the hook. A great innovation in the work of jig fishing. 


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