Decoy Flashin' Chatterbait Jig Replacement Blade

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Decoy Flashin' Chatterbait Jig Replacement Blade - Qty 3

Featuring a stainless-steel construction to produce maximum vibration, the Decoy Flashin' Vibrating Jig Replacement Blades are made with large rigging holes to provide anglers with free swimming action at the first turn of your reel handle. To rig the Flashin’ Blade fasten a split ring on the lower rigging hole on the blade, attach that split ring to any jig, and use the included Duo Lock Snap to easily connect your line tie to the blade. Each duo lock snap is equipped with a ball bearing swivel to reduce line twists and keep your jig running smoothly. Designed with Decoy’s proprietary concave bend, the innovative shape deflects well off of cover and produces a hydrodynamic flow to generate a powerful side-to-side wobbling action. Available in a range of sizes and colours for any situation on the water, the Decoy Flashin' Vibrating Jig Replacement Blades are perfect for tuning up your favourite Chatterbait or jig.

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