Berkley Zilla Tailswinger - 18cm

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Berkley Zilla Tailswinger 18cm, 89g - Qty 1 complete lure 2 spare tails


The Berkley Zilla Tailswinger is not only the first jointed tail bait on the market, but possibly the most versatile pike bait on the planet! Comes with a curly, a pulse and a paddle tailsincluded in the package for 3 different actions, 3 different attachment eyelets for varying depth and movement and a KlipLock attachment point you can customize the Tailswinger to perfectly suit your style of fishing and adjust to ever-changing circumstances by adding a Jika Weight to sink the lure deeper and cast further. 
  • Dive depth unweighted 0-2.5m
  • 3 x Interchangeable tails
  • The first jointed tailbait on the market
  • Comes with three different tails
  • Different leader attachment points and a KlipLock attachment point
  • The most versatile pike bait on the market!

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