Axia (HTO) Abyss 10cm - Deep Diver

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Axia Abyss - 10cm, 15.6g. Dive Depth up to 6 Meters - Qty 1

A very deep diving lure that can reach depths of up to 6m. A fantastic lure for fishing from a boat or from the shore when fishing in deep water off rocky headlands. On the retrieve the lure has an enticing wobble and roll. A series of internal ball bearings creates a loud rattle noise, especially handy when fishing in deep water when both sound and sight are important factors for attracting predatory species. This is the ideal trolling lure in deep water from a boat, being able to reach depths to catch pollack and bass. An unconventional use for these lures is rigged on a flying collar rig and fished deep for bigger pollack, bass, coalfish and even cod when fishing deep water wrecks. Features strong split rings and ultra-sharp saltwater resistant trebles.

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