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  1. Westin Hypo Teez Buzz 'N Blade 160mm


    Westin Hypo Teez Buzz 'N Blade 160mm Qty 1 When predators sink to the deep, change your armoury and take them on with the new HypoTeez Buzz ‘N Blade. This Rigged ´N Ready variation of the hugely successful HypoTeez is...
  2. Westin Hypo Teez 3.5" (9cm)


    HypoTeez 3'5"/ 9cm Qty 6 Hypnotise them with HypoTeez. Named after the Latin name of the smelt (Hypomesus Olidus), this lovingly-hand painted little critter looks so like a real smelt its mother couldn’t tell them apart. Cast it out and...
  3. Westin Hypo Teez ST 6"


    Westin Hypo Teez ST 6"/15cm Qty 1 Based on the hugely successful Westin Hypoteez, this new version of one of our most popular soft lures features an extremely lifelike, tight and erratic swimming action thanks, in part, to its extra...