Z-man Turbo FattyZ - 6 Inch




Z-man Turbo FattyZ, 15cm 6 inch - Qty 5

The brand new Turbo FattyZ is a beefed-up, bulked-up swimming worm that puts good vibes in the water with its distinctive curved paddle tail. It’s an advanced tail design,

The FattyZ is built with intel from Z-Man pro Miles "Sonar" Burghoff. This lure will swim and thump at all retrieve speeds, including fluttering all the way to the bottom on as little as a 5g Jig. Salt impregnation in the main body tickles predatory fishes taste buds and adds extra casting weight/distance, especially effective for fishing on an unweighted hook such as the Trokar Mag Worm Baitpin 4/0. The super adaptable Mag FattyZ fishes any way you want, buzzing the surface, swimming, wacky, Texas- or Carolina-rigging and even as a trailer on the famous Chatterbait or Skirted Swim Jig


  • Beefy swimming worm designed in conjunction with Z-Man pro Miles 'Sonar' Burghoff
  • 10X Tough ElaZtech® construction offers extreme durability and buoyancy
  • Curved paddle tail design produces thumping action at all retrieve speeds and even on the fall
  • Salt impregnated to provide extra bulk for long casts when fished unweighted
  • Ideal for buzzing on the surface, swimming, Texas rigging, and Carolina rigging
  • Available in 8 colour schemes to fit a variety of applications, locales, and water conditions




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