Z-Man Freedom CFL Chatterbait 14g




Z-Man Freedom CFL Chatterbait 14g, 1/2oz - Qty 1

Merging the popular, patented Z-Man bladed jig and awesome Freedom Tackle interchangeable, swinging hook designs, the outcome was always going to be amazing!  The ChatterBait Freedom CFL opens a world of opportunity for anglers! Molded from zinc for enhanced durability and a unique sound profile, this vibrating jig stays deeper even on the fastest retrieves and maximises contact with the bottom on slower retrieves. The CFL is armed with a heavy-duty VMC flipping hook, custom trailer keeper, and spider cut skirt for enhanced fish-catching ability. But, due to the unique design of the Freedom Head, the hook is interchangeable, so you could swap out for a weedless hook, or a straight hook and attache a lure with no skirt, this lure gives you a bit more versatility and much more movement, despite the trailer size due to the articulating head to hook design. Have a look at the Freedom Jig Heads and Spinnerbaits with the same unique design.

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