Z-Man Chatterbait Original - 1/2oz

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Z-Man Chatterbait Original, 1/2oz, 14g - Qty 1

This is the original bait that started it all! The Z Man Chatterbait combines the flash of a spinnerbait, the vibration of a crankbait and the snag resistance of a jig. The patent-pending blade design creates an intense vibrating action, which is the key to this incredible bait and the reason it consistently entices explosive reaction bites. The Z Man Chatterbait is also extremely weedless because the hook always remains in an upright position. This allows you to put the bait in heavy cover where fish live.

The Chatterbait can be worked shallow or deep, in a variety of ways. Remove the skirt and trailer and add a paddle tail lure as a "swimbait jig". When fish are holding close to the bottom, try adding creature bait. Hop, bounce and swim this bait around deep cover for a vibrating, deep water assault.

The Z-Man Original Chatterbait has become a must-have in every serious anglers tackle box. It has paved the way for a whole new bait genre and not just another fad lure. Try the superb little Micro Chatterbait for more finesse applications.


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