Westin Weedless Sandy Andy 15cm 33g

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Westin Weedless Sandy Andy 15cm 33g - Qty 1

Westin's Weedless Sandy Andy Jig has an ultra realistic sandeel design based upon their legendary original Sandy Andy. This weedless version has been specially designed for saltwater species, rigged on an articulated offset #2/0 hook. Fish it from the shore or boat, fast or slow on a steady retrieve or jigged amongst bottom structure. The slim body and small paddle tail work at any speed, creating that strike triggering swimming action. Westin's improved fast attach system with a micro stainless steel plate ensures a secure connection and allows the body to be changed in seconds. The attention to detail throughout the lure will fool any predator fish out there. Ideal for sea bass, pollock and wrasse, amongst other predatory species in both salt and freshwater. 

Rigging - Press the soft body onto the jig head, ensure the grip holder goes into the upper hole and the hook eyelet goes into the lower hole, mount the hook on the head with a firm grip so it “clicks”. Insert the hook through the small vertical hole and let it rest in the hook slot on the back. Apply one drop of super glue between the head and soft body, press together and you are ready to go!

If you don't need to fish weedless, check out the Original Westin Sandy Andy


  • Weedless design
  • Lead head with an ultra realistic sandeel design
  • Active 3D Eyes
  • Ultra-Sharp wide gap and custom-made single hook
  • Fast attach system – easy, fast and secure
  • Soft body free from toxic phthalates
  • Hook slot in belly

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