Westin W6 BC MSG Baitcasting Reels

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Westin W6 BC MSG Baitcasting Reels 

Introducing the top notch Westin W6 series of baitcasting reels, now proudly joining Westin's lineup as the flagship model. Offering a variety of sizes, starting from 50 and progressing to 100, 200, 300, the new W6 reels are designed to cater to every style of predator fishing. Whether you prefer casting light lures, like softbaits and crankbaits, or need to handle medium to heavy baits, such as larger soft lures or jerkbaits, the W6 series provides exceptional versatility. Crafted with durability and strength as top priorities, these reels feature robust one piece aluminium frames that ensure rigid and reliable performance. Specifically engineered to tackle various predatory species, including pike, bass, zander, perch, chub and even trout, the W6 series is built to conquer any target. Equipped with innovative features, such as the proprietary Fast Line Connector spooling system, Line View, Internal Centrifugal Brake (CBS6), and finely-tuned gear ratios, these reels deliver consistently smooth operation. With the freedom to choose your preferred gear ratio, choose the model that perfectly compliments your fishing style. Experience the unmatched power, style, and versatility of the W6 series baitcasting reels. Designed to exceed expectations, these reels provide anglers with the ultimate tools to conquer any fishing situation. As the flagship model, the W6 series sets new standards with unparalleled performance and cutting-edge features that push the boundaries of what's possible in baitcasting reels.

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    • Fast Line Connector on the spool
    • Non slip rubber handle knobs
    • Delivered in a protective hard case
    • Aluminum frame and carbon sideplate
    • Size 300 fully aluminum frame
    • 10+1 Sealed Stainless Ball Bearings including
    • Delivered with full carbon handle
    • Available in high speed, middle speed and low speed gear
    • 6 Shoe centrifugal brake
    • Stay-On Sideplate
    • Stay-On Tension knob
    • Drag Clicker
    • Lubricated with 3 different types of grease
    • Multi stack carbon drag
    • GT-A gearing
    • ION Frame coating
    • Double anodized star drag

    Left Hand Wind Reel Pictured

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