Westin W2 Finesse-T T&C Baitcasting Rods - 7'1" - 2 Piece

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Westin W2 Finesse-T T&C Baitcasting Rods 7 Foot 1 inch- 2 Piece

Fast and powerful, the Westin Finesse T&C (Texas & Carolina) is ideal for a wide range of predator fishing with both hard and soft lures. The sensitive and responsive action makes these rods ideal for slowly twitching a Texas or Carolina rig along the bottom, allowing you to feel every touch-down of the rig, and even the most timid bite. With the power to pitch small hard lures the Finesse-T T&C is a great all-rounder for perch, pike and bass, through to trout, chub and zander. The sensitive feel also make these rods ideal for casting soft shads.


  • Reel Seat: VFC-2
  • Guides: Seaguide® SXQLSG premium guides
  • Blank: 24 / 30 tonne High Performance Carbon
  • Split-handle with premium grade EVA
  • Hook keeper: Seaguide® Dhook


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