Westin Swim 15cm - Suspending




Westin Swim 15cm - Suspending, 107g - Qty 1 

The Westin Swim is easy to cast and fish on a normal spinning rod as well as a light jerkbait set-up. At a size of 12cm it doesn’t spook big, wary pike and you can also try jerking or “cast and retrieve” for perch, sea trout and many others species. It is a perfect long casting lure and it has a unique S-shaped swimming pattern. Try a fast retrieve in warmer water or a really slow retrieve when it is very cold. You can also try occasional spin stops and Westin Mini Swim can even be fished by twitching it or using small, gentle jerk movements. Have a look at the 12 cm Suspending and 6.5cm

  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Lead Free Construction
  • Japanese style carbon steel hooks
  • Hook size: #1
  • Suspending – running depth: 1-3m
  • Full wire-through-body construction


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