Westin Release Stinger Top Softlure

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Westin Release Stinger Top Softlure - Qty 1

The ideal stinger system for your medium to large soft plastics. Simply attach to a Screwin Head or a Jig Head and insert the 2 x moveable finesse spikes into the back/top of your lure of choice.

Reduces risk of hook tangling up on rear end of soft lure – contributing to higher landing rates. Semi-fixed to soft lures with Westin Pro Stinger Finesse spike, so will release upon hooking a fish, reducing the fished ability to shake the hook with the aid of the lures weight. Double split-rings contributing to perfect exposure of small hooks which will penetrate more easily and cause less damage to the fish, constructed with long lasting AFW Titanium Wire.  

To be used in conjunction with the adjustable Release Leader, see the video below by inventor, Jens Bursell for instruction.

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