Westin Release Stinger Hard Lure

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Westin Release Stinger Belly Softlure - Qty 1

The perfect quick release stinger system for your medium to large hard lures, such as the Swim and Rawbite 15cm. Simply attach your Release Leader with the split ring supplied and adjust the leader to accommodate the lure of choice, then clip onto eyes for hooks once original hooks are removed from the lure. 

Reduces risk of hook tangling up on rear end of soft lure – contributing to higher landing rates. Semi-fixed to hard lures, so will release upon hooking a fish and the lure will slide up the trace, similar to the Line Thru system, reducing the fishes ability to shake the hook with the aid of the lures weight. Made with smaller treble hooks which will penetrate more easily and cause less damage to the fish, constructed with long lasting AFW Titanium Wire.

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