Westin RawBite 7cm

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Westin RawBite 7cm, 12g - Qty 1 

Our super-effective Raw Bite hard lure has a little brother - the 7cm version of this killer lure has a tight and erratic action that makes it perfect for triggering the intrigue of perch. This wee version of a classically styled lure is hand-painted in a variety of realistic and 'far out' colour options giving you plenty of choice. He may be smaller than his brother, but this Raw Bite is a grumpy and aggressive little fellow with bags of attitude and perch-catching prowess. Try the bigger and Rawbite 15cm and Rawbite 17cm for monster pike!! Material: ABS plastic

  • Lead free
  • Japanese-style #6 carbon steel hooks
  • Running depth: 1,5-2m
  • Realistic eyes
  • Hand painted detailed colours

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