Westin Platypus Shallow Running Crankbait 10cm

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Westin Platypus 10cm, 15g Shallow Runner - Qty 1 

Inspired by the famous Westin Platypus lure - loved (and hated) by big predators the world over, this little crankbait is so detailed that Mother Nature herself is taking notes! With an integrated long cast system - the two steel balls drops into the tail when casting to help you launch this crank bait into the horizon, and settling into the belly when swimming to draw those big, confused predators in. With its cocky little swimming action it'll get right up the nose of the biggest perch, zander bass and pike - triggering an angry snap just because it's there - and whenever you stop the retrieve, it stays right there in the strike zone, driving them wild with anger!

  • Realistic eyes
  • Lead free construction
  • Hook size: #4
  • Japanese style carbon steel hooks
  • Running depth: 1-2m
  • Ultra Sonic rattle balls
  • Integrated long cast system
  • Hand painted detailed colours

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