Westin Plastic Beads - 4mm

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Westin Plastic Beads 4mm - Qty 20 

Texas & Caroliona (T&C) Rigging has become very popular in the UK & Europe and these Westin beads will enhance your fishing rigs. Beads add visual attraction and versatility to your setup. Whether you choose red, green, or yellow, these beads are perfect for creating eye catching presentations. Incorporate them into your rigs, such as T&C float rigs or sliding sinker rigs, to entice fish and increase your chances of success.

Bass anglers around the world have been using beads for many years on their T&C rigs. The purpose is to protect the knot to your EWG hook and prevent the weight getting stuck on the knot, enabling it to slide freely. Particularly on a Free Rig it will stop the weight sliding over the hook. Secondly, it adds a clicking noise as the weight knocks against the bead that can help attract bites and land you a new PB! Third but not least, a bead can add an attractive "target" to the head of the lure where the hook is, increasing hook up rates. 



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