Westin Percy The Perch 200mm (8")



Westin Percy The Perch 200mm (8") Qty 1

The hunter becomes the hunted. With his wickedly flexible, jointed body and kicking waggle lip, Percy has a teasingly aggressive swimming action that attracts big predators from afar. Once up close, the fluttering fins are more than instinct can stand –  they can’t help but bite! Once your favourite lure has caught LOADS of pike and is showing the battle scars, simply add a Percy Spare Body, or just do it anyway to create some cool colour combinations! Have a look at the Hard models, the 10cm HL and the 20 cm Inline.


·         Lead-Free

·         Japanese-Style #1/0 Carbon Steel Hook

·         Running Depth: 1-3m

·         Slide Lock Easy To Change Connection

·         Life-Like Lure

·         Full Eyelet-To-Hook Wire Connection

·         Interior chamber for rattle stick


Weight: 100g (Low Floating)



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