Westin Tungsten Ned Jig Heads - 1/0

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Westin Tungsten Ned Jig Heads 1/0 Black Nickel Finish - Qty 2

Experience next level Ned fishing with the Westin Ned Jig Head Tungsten Series. Tailored specifically for Ned rig fishing, these jig heads offer four weight options and two hook sizes for optimal performance, irresistible action, and the ability to dominate the water.

Tungsten is denser 30% and harder than lead, meaning the same weight will be much smaller causing less resistance when falling through the water. The hardness also feeds back through the line, particularly braid, allowing the angler to "feel" the bottom. Not to mention it is also more environmentally friendly. 


  • Special design for improved balance
  • Black polished tungsten
  • Thin wired, sharp hook
  • Hook is black nickel coated
  • Keeper system, great grip less damage


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