Westin MonsterVibe Double Colorado Spinnerbait 65g

Colour: Black mamba
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Westin MonsterVibe Double Colorado Spinnerbait 65g

What our customers are saying:

"I hope you've had your weetabix for breakfast when throwing these spinnerbait as you'll need it as the vibrations they throw out is insane, those pike dont stand a chance. They make a fantastic lure for throwing in and around weed and snags too which many other lures would get caught up on in seconds." - Drew on Sep 23, 2020

Sometimes it takes a monster to catch a monster. And that's exactly what the in-your-face MonsterVibe Spinnerbait from Westin is designed for! With a simple cast and retrieve you can create a whole heap of chaos under the surface that will have the big mamas fighting on who will get it first. The MonsterVibe features a weedless design making it easy to fish in heavy cover. We also gave it some extra spice attaching a RingTeez CT on the trailer hook, giving it the benefits of several lure styles in one. This is one seriously tough spinnerbait that is easy to fish and brings fantastic results, so, go to the weeds and bring out the big mamas from the dark! 

  • Hand painted detailed colours
  • Custom-made Westin Double Colorado blades
  • Weedless design
  • Fishable at extremely slow speed
  • Superior silicone skirts
  • Japanese-Style X-strong carbon steel single hooks
  • Trailer hook loose-mounted with RingTeez CT (changeable)
  • Heavy duty Ø 1,5mm wire

Store your lures in this great spinnerbait box.

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