Westin Monster Teez 20cm




Westin MonsterTeez 20cm, 53g - Qty 1

A cast-and-retrieve soft lure curltail swimbait that even the pickiest Pike can't resist. It's versatile and can be rigged and fished various ways including trolling and casting.

Ideally used with a Westin Screwin Head and an 8cm Pro Stinger Rig mounted over the eyelet, or a 10/0 Westin RoundUp jig head. Can also be fished weedles mounted on the 9/0 Trokar Magnum Choose a jig head to match the desired fishing depth – light for shallow water and heavier for deeper water. A small paddle tip at the end of the MonsterTeez curltail adds some extra-sexy tail action. Check out the Monster Teez Rigged n Ready

  • Easy-action curltail
  • Action eyes
  • Paddle tip for enticing tail action
  • Rig to match the conditions
  • Sharp-print colours

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