Westin Hypo Teez 3.5" (9cm)




HypoTeez 3'5"/ 9cm Qty 6

Hypnotise them with HypoTeez. Named after the Latin name of the smelt (Hypomesus Olidus), this lovingly-hand painted little critter looks so like a real smelt its mother couldn’t tell them apart. Cast it out and it starts swimming as soon as it hits the water. And as it wiggles past those monster perch and hungry zander, fixes them with its realistic fishy eyes and outstanding swimming action, they’re going to be helpless to resist. In stock now, the Hypo Teez Hard Lure Glide Bait

• Optimized flexibility
• Realistic Eyes
• Life-Like-Lure
• Tapered body with tail-joint
• Easy action paddle tail
• Hand painted detailed colours

Perfect fished on a 3/0 Westin Stand Up Jig Head or Round Up Jig Head. For a weedless presentation, try it on the 2/0 or 3/0 Decoy Decibo Weedless Jig

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