Westin Hollow Teez 12cm

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Westin Hollow Teez ST 12 cm (5") 8g - Qty 4

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"I have been using the 12cm hollow teez for over 12 months now and oh boy what a versatile Lure it has turned out to be. To start with forget stuffing them full of fish etc too much messing around for too little reward. There are several ways I like to fish these babies firstly weedless, forget the foam Fish on a Trokar TK110 4/0 or 5/0 I prefer to fish on the Cheb head but you can use worm weights pegged or free running. The entire Lure just crumples into nothing just leaving the hook to do it’s job. Alternatively I love using a 5/0 jighead 7g withthe foam insert and plenty of my favourite additive, killer method for both Perch and Zander because the tail is so flexible it is more like fishing a 6cm bait which folds leaving the hook right at the back. One more thing because of the tail and ability to load with attractant these are simply fantastic dead rod lures." - Gary Palmer on Dec 09, 2017

    For those anglers who only believe in deadbaits, the game is about to change. Westin's HollowTeez is a smartly-designed soft lure that allows you to have the best of both worlds - its hollow center is designed to have a real deadbait placed inside. This means that you get the incredible swimming action, attractive colours and durability of a lure, combined with the scent of a deadbait - it's basically the perfect combination. Simply place a small dead fish inside, fit with a normal jighead or hook system and then start casting.

    Alternatively, cut a piece of foam that comes with the package and flavour it with your favourite scent. The HollowTeez will then stand up, so you won't get caught on the bottom and the small side vents will help spread the scent of your concealed deadbait or flavoured foam. This lure is your next secret weapon against perch, bass and especially zander. There are a few rigging options as seen in the video below, but Deitmar missed one great option in the Trokar Magnum 3/0 belly weighted hook which is great for weedless cast and retrieve fishing as a swimbait.

    • Optimized flexibility
    • Realistic eyes
    • Hollow body to add deadbait or flavoured foam inside
    • 4 x Foam bars included 
    • Holes on sides for extra scent
    • Easy to rig jig-hook notch
    • Easy action shad tail
    • Hand painted detailed colours

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