Westin Fatbite 8cm




Westin Fat Bite 8cm 24g - Qty 1 

He's fat, he's grumpy and he's about to get bitten - FatBite is the ideal shallow running hard bait for a wide variety of species. Perch, bass, pike and trout will be queuing round the block to sink their teeth into this little fatty, thanks to a large profile and a violent rolling and shaking action. He's also a lure who wants everyone to know how grumpy he is - internal ultra sonic rattles make a big disturbance. This lure comes into its own on shallow waters, smaller ponds and canals and quickly charges to the surface when carrying out a spin-stop. Now in stock, 5.5cm Fat Bite, dynamite for perch and chub!! 

Material: ABS plastic
Lead free
Japanese-Style #2 carbon steel hooks
Running depth: 0,3-0,8m
Ultra Sonic rattle balls
Fat profile
Hand painted detailed colors

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