Westin Curl Teez 7cm

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Westin CurlTeez 7cm, 3.5g - Qty 1

A curly tail on a soft lure is nothing new, right? Wrong! Westin have pulled out all the stops to make this CurlTeez lure, one that you always want in your tackle box. The slim body profile perfectly mimics a baitfish and the tail springs into life on the slowest retrieve you can imagine, or on a fast wind back when you are trying to cover plenty of ground. Besides looking like an all you can eat buffet to hungry predators, the tail on this lure has another smart feature - it has been turned to point downwards so that when close to the bottom it kicks up gravel, silt and makes a whole lot of noise. Any fish who didn't know dinner was served will know within seconds! Curl Teez can be rigged with a normal jighead or on a dropshot rig and Texas or Carolina style, due to the slots in the back and belly. Whatever you choose, be ready to catch a big one. Also available in 8.5cm and a handy Gift Selection Pack

Underwater Action:Let Jörgen  talk you through:

  • Optimized super soft flexibility
  • Realistic eyes
  • Easy action curltail
  • Slim body design with great belly flash
  • Slots in back and belly for offset rigging and great hook penetration
  • Hand painted detailed colors


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