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Westin Blood Teez 7.5cm, 1g - Qty 8

What our customers are saying:


"The segmented wormy body of the blood teez seems too simple in design to be anything special but, sometimes that's what is required. Due to the 7.5cm length i would always wacky rig this on a drop shot hook to avoid tail biting . There is a 5.5 cm but the 7.5 allows for cutting if needed. Good colour selection. Useful resealable pack." - liz nichol on Mar 04, 2020

The humble bloodworm is part of the staple diet for just about every kind of fish - think of it as the bread and butter of the fish world. So, we sprinkled some of our magic Westin-dust on this iconic bait, you can expect it to be a fantastic fish catcher. BloodTeez, a supersoft, flexible and incredibly life-like soft lure that has been pumped up in size and made way more durable than the real thing - meaning you can catch more for longer.

A Closer Look:

Once you've cast it, let it sink to the bottom and give the rod a gentle shake before letting the line slacken. Once it's back on the bottom, fish it however you want - a slow or fast jig will bring you success. The lure is primarily designed for dropshot nose-hooking or wacky rigged but can also be used with a micro jighead for street fishing styles. So, what are you waiting for? Get yours today and let the blood flow! Also available, the 5.5cm Blood Teez

  • Optimized super soft flexibility
  • Floating - perfect suspending action on a single hook
  • Antennas for additional movements
  • Several body segments to create a realistic movement
  • Life-Like-Lure
  • Perfected for Dropshot nose hooking or wacky

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