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WaterWolf started out as a hobby project amongst us, a group of dedicated anglers that really wanted to explore and understand more about the way fish react and behave! In common, we have the love for fishing and engineering, cameras and gadgets so we never lacked mutual motivation!

We tried for more than a year to work with existing cameras on the market but finally realized we had to build our own cameras to get the recordings we wanted. Total waterproofness, long battery life, easy operation, light sensitivity and a discrete presence in the water was really our benchmark.

We welcome you to our world of underwater recording and discovery we hope you will join our quest to explore and share the amazing stuff that goes on below the surface whether fishing, diving or filming other challenging water sports!

A collection of mounts to fit most recording situations. Attach your Water Wolf to boat hulls, railings, windows, tripods and much more.

Compatible with GoPro accessories. 

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