The Lure Box Tungsten Skinny Pencil Dropshot Weights

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The Lure Box Tungsten Skinny Pencil Dropshot Weights - Qty 2 - 3

The Lure Box Skinny Pencil Drop Shot Weights are equipped with a line clip swivel for fast, easy attachment and depth adjustment. Just pull the line into the tapered clip and it will secure the line at the desired depth.

Made from 97% tungsten which is better for the environment than lead and is 30% denser, making these weight smaller for like for like weight. The hardness of the material also transmits ery well through your line, enabling you to feel the bottom to establish if you are fishing over a hard or soft bed. 


  • Sold in a fully biodegradable glassine envelope
  • 97% Tungsten
  • Skinny design for finesse presentation
  • Smooth silver finish
  • Tapered line attachment on swivel
  • Weight embossed to bottom of sinker


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