Svartzonker Unweighted Offset Hook

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Svartzonker Unweighted Offset Hook, Screw In - Qty 2

Svartzonker Offset Hooks offers a great, weedless presentation and action on larger soft plastic swimbaits such as the Svartzonker McRubber 17 & 21cm,  Pig Shad JR 20cm and the Swing Impact 6.8 & 7.8" swimbaits. The Unweighted Offset Hook is designed for weed less-style rigging. The unweighted hook lets you fish in heavy vegetation, without going to deep. It also helps you to reach fishing spots that is hard to get to. If you wish to fish a little deeper and/or faster, take a look at the Weighted Offset Hooks.

The sharp quality hook has a wide gap which gives you secure hook set on deeper bodied lures. The attached screw in lure holder provides superior holding power. 

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