Svartzonker Ticsaren Glide Bait



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Svartzonker Ticsaren Glide Bait - Qty 1

Hooks included! Glide baits and jerk baits have really shot back into popularity this year, so please welcome our latest and some may say, greatest offering, The Svartzonker Ticsaren. Ticsaren is one of Svartzonker Sweden’s most popular selling Jerkbaits, and for good reason. It’s a so-called belly glider that is very easy to fish. It has an amazingly effortless side to side action with  great slow sinking “hangtime”. It’s possible to fish with most types of gear, spinning and baitcasting. In normal retrieve it swims in large wandering S curves with a small twitch in every turn. With a classic  jerk style it glides smoothly side to side, with wide or short glides depending on the retrieve speed. Superb Pike, Musky and Zander lure. 

14cm 65g & 17cm 98g

  • One piece molded ABS plastic
  • Zinc weighting
  • Stainless steel wired through construction.
  • 2 x high quality VMC PS treble hooks
  • Extremely durable


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