Svartzonker - The Button Hardbait Weight System



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Svartzonker - The Button Hardbait Weight System - Qty 3 & 1 x Felt Spacer Square

The Button from Svartzonker is a revolutionary weighting system for hard and soft lures. Gives you the the flexibility to fish your favourite lures at varying depths without affecting the action of the lure much, particularly hard lures which are traditionally not too versatile where depth is concerned. 

Mounting slots are oversized to fit most eyelets and hook hangers. The unique shape combined with the adhesive felt are ensure the weight stays in place and will not rub and scratch your lures.

Simply remove the splitring and hook from the lure, stick the felt circle you will cut to the size of the weigh onto the weight and slide over the eyelet, then re attach the split ring and hook, holding the weight in place. Available in a number of weights. 

Lure not included. :-) 






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