Svartzonker SZ Tail Connectors

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Svartzonker SZ Tail Connectors - Qty 5

This tail connector from Svartzonker enables you to add a tail to your hard lures, particularly Glide Baits, like the Westin Swim or Salmo Slider. When you add a tail like the Svartzonker Big Tail, Giant Big Tail or Big Twin Biodegradabe Tail it gives the lure a very different action. You will lose the side to side "walk the dog" type action that is synonymous with glidebaits, but adds a whole new dimension and a different approach whilst making the lure larger, which could be the key on any given day. You can also add any soft lure of your choice and try a variety of paddle and curly tails for the action that works! 


  • Made of stainless steel
  • Optimized to make the best hookset
  • Saves the soft tail from being shredded by the pike’s razor sharp teeth.


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