Svartzonker Saboflex Quick Fix Lure Glue - 10ml

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Svartzonker Saboflex Quick Fix Lure Glue For Rubber Lures - 10ml

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"Hands down this glue is the best for repairing those soft plastics lures! That good you could repair a bait torn in half if needed!" - Drew on Oct 20, 2021

A great way to repair all those battered and torn soft plastic lures with this excellent "solvent weld" type repair glue from Svartzonker. It will leave a soft, seamless and natural finish once cured, unlike superglue, or the messy, primitive method of melting together! 

Comes in a 10ml bottle with a handy brush applicator brush in the lid. Simply Apply to both sides of cut, push together gently for two minutes, then let the lure rest for 5 minutes and your lure will be ready to go take on more hungry fish!

As Quick Fix is a solvent weld and not a super glue, it simply melts the parts together, leaving a seamless fix that you won't feel and struggle to see if done properly. 



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